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8 weeks challenge 2019

8 weeks challenge is back!

After a successful last year’s 8 weeks challenge, I would like to introduce to you the new upgraded version for a good start of 2019! Same as last year we’re going to measure results by lost centimetres (the total of your waist, navel, hips, leg and arm) as a side effect of the challenge you will get healthier, happier and more active 2019!
Each of the 8 weeks we’re going to set one extra step towards a healthier, happier and more active life! During the challenge I want you to train at least 3 times a week. (30 min of movement, that can be 30 min walk/ exercising at home/ running/ all sorts of sports). Anything that will make you sweat!


What is the 8 weeks challenge?

For 8 weeks long you’re are going to fill in the app which we will evaluate weekly. You’re also going to train at least 3 times a week. This can be our personal training, extra run, row, home workout or anything else that will make you sweat!

First week starts with the measurement and filling in the ‘Food’ app or ‘MyFitnessPal’ app. This is to create awareness of the calories that you consume every day and making sure that you stay in the calorie deficit. (maximum 500 calorie deficit)

Second week stands for no alcohol. Your body prioritize burning alcohol. As a result, you store more of a fat, carbs and protein you consume as an energy in your fat cells. Alcohol also stimulate apatite, making you eat more. 

Third week is the week of veggies, adding daily 400 gram of vegetables in your diet will help you to get the right amount of fibers, which are essential for good digestion, regular bowels and staying healthy. 

Fourth week is going to be focused on cutting sweets and unhealthy snacks. No explanation needed here I believe 😉 

Fifth week will be a good time to measure what those changes have brought so far. This week we’ll also focus on staying hydrated. That means each day you have 8 glasses of water. Staying hydrated promotes cardiovascular health, regulates temperature and it also helps joints and muscles to work better.

Sixth week focus will be the portion control to be sure that you’re not over eating. 

An easy way to control this is:

* 1-2 hand palms of protein

* 1-2 cupped hands for carbs

* 1-2 thumbs for healthy fats

* 2 fists of veggies

Seventh week you will keep track of your progress by downloading ‘Streaks’ app or ‘Way of life’ app on your phone. It helps you to keep tracking your daily little steps and it keeps you motivated. It will also help you on your way to celebrate not only each centimeter you lost, but also each healthy decision you make.

Week eight the focus will be on improving the quality of your sleep. Sleep is an important part of your recovery, it improves your metabolism, decreases stress and gives you energy which decreases the chance that you reach for something unhealthy. 

A few tips that will make you sleep better are:

* Turning off your phone/tablet/tv 30 minutes before sleep

* Making your bedroom dark

* Going to bed 15 minutes earlier

* Cutting on caffeine after 14

* Taking magnesium

What’s the goal?

Primary the goal is to improve your lifestyle, make you feel healthier and fitter.

Secondary is to lose as many  centimetres (body fat) as possible in 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks I’m going to take measurements from your waist, belly button level, hips, leg and arm.

The biggest loser (the person that will lose the most centimetres) wins the challenge and gets a prize. The winner will also be announced on the website and social media (only if you allow).

Want to join the challenge? Let me know until 29th of January so I can send you PDF with food advise. 

The 8 weeks challenge is free of charge for active clients. Are you not a client yet?

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